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Dynamic xsl transformations for apache

mod-xslt is a server side module able to transform xml documents by applying xsl stylesheets on the fly. mod-xslt is Free Software and is released under the terms of the GPL. Anybody is welcome to join its development.

mod-xslt can:

  • transform dynamically generated xml, like the output of perl, php or cgi scripts.
  • allows you to specify which xsl stylesheet to use based on <?xml-stylesheet statements.
  • provides many extension to access client headers, GET parameters, regular expressions, build local URLs or to choose a different stylesheet based on any of those paramters.
  • fetch stylesheets or external entities from other dynamic pages, http or ftp urls if you are so inclined.
  • manipulate returned headers from the xsl stylesheet, and set the mime type of the transformation result.
  • parse external DTDs and use the defaults provided.
  • provide a set of standard compliant functions allowing you to keep your xsl or xml files compatible with any other xsl processor, even when using mod-xslt enhanced features.
mod-xslt works with most versions of apache, and provides an API that should make it easy to port to any other web server.

Debian GNU
Apache Project
Gnome libxml2
Gnome libxslt
Gnome Project